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3 Jul 2016

Avcilar Evden Eve Nakliyat
Dating back to prehistoric times, hunting has been a game of survival involving the human species as well as the animal world! Gradually, with all the advent of civilization and technological advances, man has fine tuned the art of hunting right into a skill which few possess. Those who do, utilize the activity of hunting as a form of relaxation or as a technique to get fresh meat. Since this activity are only able to be indulged in the wilderness, it might be smart to stock up with essential hunting supplies.

Avcilar Nakliyat
Let's start with the basics first! Whether a novice or perhaps a professional, each hunter needs to have these hunting supplies?

(1) An easy task to transport all of the hunting gear in case a good backpack is available.
(2) A rifle. Minimum variety of cartridges ought to be 10 (will take more if required).
(3) A compass would be helpful to obtain a feeling of direction.
(4) Maps of areas where the hunt will need place.
(5) An excellent set of binoculars (standard ones, nothing fancy) will be handy.
(6) Game being kept in a cotton game bag.
(7) A large knife for skinning the sport.
(8) An inferior Swiss Army knife.
(9) Meat could be hung from the strong nylon string.
(10) If felt necessary, a saw can be carried to eliminate horns, ribs, legs and antlers.
(11) Unwanted stuff adopts garbage bags.

Putting aside the above, a skilled hunter will even include what he/she considers as essentials, to his/her stock of hunting supplies. What could these be?

(12) As times change and ecosystems are receiving damaged in the process, newer rules and regulations concerning hunting attended into play. Officials monitor time of the season when certain species of animals and birds are to be present in abundance, as well as the areas which can be heavily populated by these species. Accordingly, tickets and hunting permits and licenses are issued. Woe betides the hunter if these are not part of his/her hunting supplies! He/she will go home leaving the "game" unfinished!

(13) A professional hunter will not be satisfied with a one-day trip; he/she wants more! Also, sometimes hunting takes place using traps, which will not yield leads to only one day. Then some thought needs to be provided to the question of shelter and a sufficient amount of food.

(14) Unlike humans, birds and animals have been blessed using a keen sense of smell. If Scent Control is missing from the stock of hunting supplies, the hunter would find himself in trouble. The hunter is smelt by the victim, prior to the hunter can "spot" the prey! Therefore, the basic wear to restrict a persons scent such as base layer hunting pants, camouflage shirt, out camouflage pants, balaclava hunting headgear, hunting radar hat, gloves and boot socks ought to be included with the list of hunting supplies.

(15) Finally, if hunting is taken on through the cold season, hunting supplies should include special camouflage wear combine with the surroundings.


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